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Please order at the bar,
last orders 20:45


Pub Bites


Baked Camembert 8.90€

Oven baked Camembert cheese with house made focaccia.

Betonyn Platter 12.70€

House made focaccia, Manchego cheese, sliced meat, marinated olives, herb butter, arugula and cherry tomatoes.


New - Dirty Fries 7.60€
Fries, Dijon mayonnaise, fresh chives and Grana Padano cheese.


Kouvola Fried Chicken 13.70€

House breaded fried chicken, cabbage salad and Sriracha and jalapeño dip.



Burger of the month - Moose Burger 19.90€
140g of Finnish ground moose, blue cheese, lingonberry jam, thyme aioli, swede chips and fresh arugula

House Burger 17.20€

Double + 6€

140g of local ground beef with bacon jam, cheddar cheese, aioli, arugula.

- gluten free bun + 1€

Double Smash Cheese Burger 17.20€

2x70g of ground beef, double cheddar cheese, marinated red onion, Dijon mayonnaise and arugula.

- gluten free bun + 1€

Chicken BBQ Burger 17.40€

Chicken, mozzarella, jalapeno aioli, bbq sauce, fried onion and arugula.

- gluten free bun + 1€

Korean BBQ Tofu Burger 17.50€

Vegan - Fried tofu, Korean BBQ glaze, Sriracha mayonnaise, red cabbage and coconut shallot muesli.

- gluten free bun + 1€


Fries - small 3,6€ / big 5,6€

Sweet potato fries - small 4,6€ / big 6,6€

Green side salad 3,6€


DIPS - Sriracha mayonnaise (also vegan available) / Aioli 1.5€

Pan Fried Fish 23.50€
Pan fried fish, pumpkin pyre, fried brussels sprouts and fennel, white wine sauce and pumpkin seeds.


Chicken Salad 16.80€

Chicken, local crispy bacon, blue cheese, salad mix, marinated red onion and cherry tomatoes.



Vanilla ice cream 5.50€

House made vanilla ice cream, apple compote and oat-almond crumply.

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